April 2006

W. Bradford Wilcox, PhD, Assistant Prof. of Sociology, Univ. of Virginia

March 2006

Campus Ministers discuss "Finding Christ on Campus"

October 2005

Open Forum with Marga Regina, Fr. Eric Fasano, and Msgr. Robert Batule

September 2005

Msgr. Jim Lisante at Faith on Tap
"Staying Faithful in a Hostile Secular Culture"

June 2005

Dr. Kevin Kulik speaks on time and money management

April 2005

It was standing room only for this session with Dr. Bill Donohue of the Catholic League

Topic: Anti-Catholicism in America

Dr. Donohue with Faith on Tap hosts Jeanne and Chris

March 2005

John Zmirak, author of Bad Catholics Guide to Good Living

"Movies, Pop Culture, and the Catholic Church"

Pro-Life Talks

Sisters of Life 01/04

Chris Bell 11/04

August 2004

Dr. Jane Gilroy decodes the DaVinci Code

Albino Assassins Anyone?

Sept. & Oct. 2004

Julie Szwejbka speaking on Christian Feminism

Bishop Murphy speaks to FOT

November 2004

Lorraine Garibaldi (Life Center), Chris Bell (Good Counsel Homes), Pat Shea (Momma's House)

Angels of Mercy in a Culture of Death

Christmas Party 2004

Sunset Dinner Cruise to the Statue of Liberty

September '04

Faith on Tap Coffee Houses

Free admission, Free coffee, Free food!


Fr Richard Figliozzi, Office of New Evangelization

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